Domenico Di Siena

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twitter: @urbanohumano

Domenico Di Siena is architect, urban planner and researcher; is founder and director of Urbano Humano Agency, Agency for Innovation and Knowledge Society.

Researching and working on possible synergies of physical networks (public space) and digital networks (Internet) for the Urbanism PhD program of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where he obtains a DEA degree in 2009.

Experiments and develops hybrid systems to connect architecture and urbanism fields with communication and social media, by new design and management models of urban public space (Sentient City).

Author of the ebook «Sentient City: the City of Knowledge» intellectual synthesis about a new city model based on a technological and social ecosystem.

Curator and co-director of #OPENmadrid, annual event about Open Design, P2P Urbanism, Social innovation and Sharing Economy in collaboration with the Rey Juan Carlos University.

In 2013 he began the project «Think Cities«, a research project and training on Urban Innovation and Territory Management.

foto by Mark Bentley

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